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Nootje stands for craftsmanship, pureness, and sustainability. For me, craftsmanship is not about making things more quickly and efficiently, but about the enjoyment from creating something unique and beautiful. All of our wooden toys are 100% natural, toxin-free, and are sourced from local forests. Each toy is hand made in Europe.

I am often inspired by the past. In my work, I like to connect the old with the new. It drives and challenges me to update things that may seem old-fashioned into something trendy and modern. I think wooden toys are of times past that should be reinvented and rediscovered.

Would you like to create a unique nursery? Nootje toys are a perfect addition to any child’s toy box, or decoration in a nursery.

Are you looking for a special and personalized gift? Are you looking for a name-gift, birthday gift, or would like to commemorate the arrival of a child? Nootje wooden toys can be custom engraved, such as the child’s name and date of significance.

“How it all started”

The idea of creating Nootje came to mind when my daughter was a couple of months old.

“Be conscious, be safe”

As a mother, I am very conscious of what I put into my daughter’s hands. I want her toys to be as safe and natural as possible. You hear so many scary stories of toxins used in products produced outside of Europe. It has been reported that 70% of children’s finger-paints sold in the Netherlands contain some sort of toxins that can cause cancer.

“Expand your child’s mind and imagination”

We live in a time when technology surrounds us. In my personal life, I try to spend less time on my mobile phone, tablet, laptop, and television and spend quality time with my loved ones. We can be overstimulated by technology around us. Technology adds value to our lives but I believe we need to limit the time our small children spend on these devices. Instead, we should provide them simple, natural toys to discover their own imagination and fantasies.

“The advantage of wood and being responsible for nature”

Wood is a natural, very strong material. The strength of the wood makes it possible to pass toys from one generation to another. A wooden toy is an item that can be treasured forever.

“Thank you”

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