How It’s Made

All of our designs are inspired by the city. Originating from Veronika Utasi’s vision, as the leading designer. Each design is primarily hand drawn, to be digitalised and edited for compatibility with each chosen production technique.

Our unique designs are made by hand or using traditional machines. You can see the detail of craft in each piece.

The memorable products have a distinct design and are made with craftmanship. Either by hand or using old machines with traditional techniques.

Everyone should get the chance to feel proud of what they do. Craftmanship and sustainable production are at the core of our products.

We know the people who make our products because it’s nice to know where your stuff comes from. At V. at The City, we believe everyone should be able to take pride in their job as well as in what they own. That’s why we create products that can be produced sustainably and locally in Europe and include social employment for women. We can guarantee that all materials and textiles comply with current environmental and labor law.

process of how it's made

Contemporary Design: Drawing inspiration from the beautiful bustling city

Traditional Craftmanship: High quality craft made by hand or old machines

Sustainable & Inclusive Production: A supply chain with positive social & environmental impact

Unique City Gift: Distinct & memorable products which make you feel at home

City Pillow Collection

All of the City Pillow covers have unique designs. We choose to produce these at a local weaving mill in Belgium. All of the textiles they product are Oeko Tex 100 Certified. Their key values are honesty, respecting our fellow men and the environment. Which is why we like to work with them.

We also choose for sustainable inner cushions. The cushion filling used for the inner cushion is made out of recycled clothing. The clothing is worn, collected and sorted in the Netherlands. Then, it takes a short trip to Belgium to be shredded and ends up in Rotterdam where it’s processed. Social employment, integrating those disadvantaged on the job market, is part of the collecting, sorting and processing steps. This makes for a comfortable pillow with a kind heart.

Wall Map Collection

We specifically use letterpress for the wall maps. This is a centuries old and intricate craft. A traditional printing method in which ink and metal (now-a-days photo-polymer plates) meet the paper with literally a ton of pressure. This results in a beautiful ‘deboss’ – an impression left on the paper denting inwards. This can be seen and felt. The print presses used for this collection, come from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

Each color needs its own sheet and the picture is built up in layers. The Amsterdam Wall Art piece, for example, uses 4 molds which must align precisely. The beauty in using letterpress is the intracity and complexity of the process. Each piece that comes out is original and debossed.

Amsterdam Gift Collection

All the pillows are handmade by those who are disadvantaged on the job market. This program brings talented people together who are actively coached and reintegrated. The houses on the pillows are hand cut and then machine sewed onto the pillow. An experienced worker takes about 4 hours to make one small pillow. This can vary though, depending on the person. There is no time pressure and the women work in teams, creating a positive work environment.