Did you know 750 millions meters of ‘imperfect’ denim fabric that is considered unsellable is stocked in warehouses? That equals the distance of 18 trips around the world. Ten-thousand-liter water is needed to make one pair of jeans. Imagine the spill if this denim is not used!

To get awareness for this topic, we joined The Imperfect Denim Project run by ROLLUP Fabric, a new fabric supplier platform. ROLLUP Fabric invited different designers to come up with innovative and sustainable ideas using the imperfect denim.

As a company we love imperfection.

On social media channels, our brand and product images look perfect. But we are dealing with many challenges when making the products

We work with a special group of women, who are not yet able to work in a regular working environment. Changing a process can create a lot of stress for them. Therefore, we decided to reproduce one of our best-selling pillows with the imperfect denim fabric. Making this version of our pillow even more special!

In our video ‘behind the scenes’, we demonstrate our unique production process. Check how every pillow design is hand-drawn and crafted with attention to details by these amazing women.

Imperfect is a matter of perception.

Our goal with this project is the people’s perception of the imperfect denim fabrics.  And show the world that imperfect can be turned into authentic, lovable and high quality products.

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